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How long does my free website last?
There is no time limit on your free website. All we require is that the website is regularly updated and not left dormant. If we notice long periods of inactivity then we reserve the right to remove the site from the system.

Do I have to pay any commission for items I sell with the shopping cart?
No, there is no commission to pay. You keep 100% of the amount of anything you sell online.

What are the main differences between the free site and upgraded site?
All the functions are identical between the free and upgraded site. You will have more than enough tools to truly run an amazing website. Free websites are only limited in server space and page allocations.
Can I use my own domain name on my free site?
No, we cannot assign your current domain name to your free site. You will have to upgrade the package for us to apply your own domain name.
How will I access my website?
If you haven't assigned a domain name to your website then your web users will access your site by:
Which payment provider do you use?
We use PayPal for all payments of modules, support credits and yearly charges. We do not hold any credit card details on our system.
Can I use another design for my website?
Yes we can integrate your current website design if you wish or assign a design purchased from a 3rd party template site such as www.templatemonster.com for your sole use. Additional design fees will apply.
What is an instant website?
An instant website is a website with every aspect run from a database down to the wording used, colors, text and any custom settings. This gives you greater control and allows our programmers and designers to work on fewer pages passing on the savings to you.
Do I need to install or setup any software?
No, we will setup your website you do not need to do anything and will be ready within seconds of submitting your free trial request!

Do you offer ability to view page hits?
Yes, included in your web site is a comprehensive hit counter. Every page view is counted. You can view this information in the administration area. The information is graphically represented. You can also optionally link to a 3rd party site offering more detailed analytics data.

Do I get ftp access with my website?
With our system ftp access is not required. The uploading and updating of images and web pages are all carried out through your web browser and do not require ftp software.

Will my site be visible on search engines?
Yes. In the administation area you can add meta tag keywords to all pages to help boost search engine rankings. A site map is automatically created each time a page is added which is read by search engines. Search engine friendly URL's are also created automatically by the system.

Which browser do I need?
All the major browsers are supported Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater, Firefox, Safari or Opera.

Which languages?
The site can be run and administered in up to 7 different languages. Further languages can be order via the administration utility.

Can I cancel at any time?
Payments requests are made yearly so ignoring the yearly payment reminder will simply cancel the account.

What kind support is available?
We offer support via our own custom built ticketing system integrated into the administration and each page has easy access to a comprehensive help guide.

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