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Online Booking Website $299.00 USD 


Online Booking Website
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The bookings/reservations system is bundled with the eshop e-commerce engine to simply manage and accept payments for your bookings online.

The bookings/reservations system can be used for many scenarios including property rentals, boat rentals, availability of staff etc...

  • Bookings and free available dates are visible to the web user via a calendar displayed on the website. Highlighted colors show the status of each date on the calendar.
  • Prices are set to various dates on the calendar to account for seasonal pricing differences.
  • Selected bookings can be hidden from the web user if required and displayed only via the administration system.
  • If a booking or reservation makes use of a change over day this can be shown on the calendar as an option. The start date and end date will be highlighted the changeover color.
  • Up to 5 price bands can be set to the booking calendar. Weekly or daily prices can be displayed. Prices can also be disabled if required.
  • Each listing has individual settings applied to the calendar such as switching prices on or off , displaying different prices and setting different price bands.
  • Bookings are made against each listing and its possible to view bookings against an individual listing or to view all bookings.
  • Date ranges are set against the listing so that the web user can select the preferred dates for their booking. Only date ranges that have not been booked are available for selection.
  • Once a successful payment has been made the date range is in-activated so it cannot be rebooked and an area on the calendar is then highlighted booked so web users at any time can see all available dates at a glance.

  • 25 Web Pages
  • 25 News/Information Pages
  • 25 Blog/Events Pages
  • 25 Listings
  • Preset Design Tool
  • Photo Gallery
  • Email Account
  • Domain Name Registration
Price is per annum and includes support, backup, hosting and updates for 1 year

Accept Payments using multiple payment gateways

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